To the sea
To the end of the road
Could it be?
Has it always been so, so quiet?
I would always be
There when you need it
Wanna give you a hand
Gonna creep
Gonna switch off the screen, un-blinded
And I'll always find you
Knelt down upon the knee

To the end
To the things that we see
Clever bait
As a cat up a tree, so spry
In the space between
Comparisons to you
To the edge of a cliff
Us, the odd
Us, the frustrated crowd, so vile
Let it all define you
A clown among the thieves

To the end

Dolphin fue el primer single del último disco de Panda Bear “Buoys”, editado hoy en Domino Records. Puedes escucharlo, junto con otra música que suena en nuestra oficinas, en la playlist “Suena en las oficinas de libros del Océano”.

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